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Free Learning Resources

Our curriculum-linked classroom teaching resources provide fun activities with a dog themed context to engage your pupils and bring learning to life.

We provide resources that can be used with pupils aged 4-16+, just click on the links below to find out what we have to offer.

Resources are available to download as pdf or zip files. Some have supporting films, which can be watched by clicking on the 'Play film' link.

  • Be Safe Be Kind

    Be safe, Be kind

    Introduces children to simple rules about how to behave safely and kindly around the dogs they share their lives with.

    Download - PDF 3.72 MB
KS1 and KS2
  • History


    Dogs in War encourages pupils to develop their historical enquiry skills as well as explore the role of working dogs in the military.

    Download - PDF 2.83 MB
  • Literacy


    A New Puppy gives pupils a chance to practice their literacy skills, as well as developing their understanding of what is involved in owning a dog.

    Download - PDF 779 KB
  • Maths


    Canine Cashflow offers maths-based activities where pupils can practice the adding, subtracting and multiplication of numbers, as well as explore the costs involved in owning a dog.

    Download - PDF 2.11 MB
  • Maths


    Food, Glorious Food allows pupils to practice their data analysis and Venn diagram skills, whilst exploring a healthy diet for a dog.

    Download - PDF 817 KB
  • Citizenship

    PSHE & Citizenship

    Responsible Dog Ownership encourages pupils to test their knowledge, explore, discuss and form opinions, whilst developing an understanding of what it takes to be a responsible dog owner.

    Download - PDF 755 KB Download Powerpoint Quiz - 31 MB
  • Safety


    Spot The Danger is a story that encourages pupils to consider and adapt how they behave in order to keep both themselves and dogs safe.

    Download - PDF 1.26 MB
  • Science


    How Have Dogs Changed Over Time encourages pupils to consider the consequences of selective breeding by comparing the appearance of well known breeds in the past, and how we know them today.

    Download - PDF 574 KB
  • Science


    Senses provides a simple worksheet for younger pupils to help them learn about the 5 senses, and for older/more able pupils; develops understanding of how dog and human senses differ.

    Download - PDF 2.1 MB
KS3 and KS4
  • Free Learning Resources Business Studies

    Business Studies

    Developed with Business Studies teachers, this resource uses real life Dogs Trust information and materials.

    Download - PDF 1.03 MB
  • Free Learning Resources Citizenship


    Uses peer-led learning to help groups of pupils to prepare and deliver an assembly, workshop or display to help others learn about the work of Dogs Trust, and the importance of responsible dog ownership.

    Download - PDF 1.17 MB
  • Free Learning Resources English


    This resource uses Dogs Trust campaign materials to enable pupils to support a range of text-level activities within the Key Stage 3 strategy for English.

    Download - PDF 1.16 MB
  • Free Learning Resources History


    This resource uses primary source material from World Wars I and II, to help students develop their skills of historical enquiry.

    Download - PDF 2.59 MB
  • Dogs Trust Careers Information

    Dogs Trust Careers Information

    Want to find out about the different careers at Dogs Trust? Check out our factsheets for more information.

    Download - PDF 1.49 MB
  • Enterprise Project Guide

    Enterprise Project Guide

    This guide helps students complete their Enterprise Project by identifying and developing their enterprise skills, whilst finding out more about what we do.

    Download - PDF 8.72 MB