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Every year we work with thousands of children to encourage positive attitudes and safe behaviours towards the dogs they share their lives and social settings with, whilst also supporting the National Curriculum.


Our trained and experienced team is fully equipped to deliver engaging and interactive lessons. Our priority audience is KS2 but we are pleased to extend our offering to KS1 where minimum booking requirements have been met.* 

Our approach to blended learning aims to ensure we reach as many primary-aged children as possible and provides options for schools to best suit their environments, timetables, and capacity to facilitate external guests. The underpinning theme of our offering is Safe Behaviour Around Dogs.

We are also delighted to offer free, curriculum-linked resources on this page that focus on another important theme for us – Responsible Dog Ownership. These resources can be incorporated into your own lessons wherever you feel they may compliment your curriculum focus.

For more information on our workshops, please see our FAQ page:

To book a visit or find out more about what they can offer you, contact your local Education and Community Officer. Find their details here or download our workshop guides below:

Benefits for teachers:

• We visit your school in person in adherence with our Covid-19 delivery guidelines to ensure a safe visit for all. 
• Pre-prepared workshops are delivered by our experienced Education and Community Officers and are closely linked to the National Curriculum.
• Workshops are inclusive and are designed with variety of learning needs and styles in mind.

Benefits for pupils:

• Using dogs as a focus, our workshops and assemblies aim to develop compassionate attitudes and behaviours towards all living beings.
• We deliver our workshops with a great deal of passion in creative and imaginative ways to ensure a memorable and positive learning experience.
• With nearly 9 million dogs in the UK, children will develop an important and necessary understanding about safe and considerate behaviour around the dogs they know and live with, and those they may see out and about in the community.

*Where possible, we aim to secure a minimum of two KS2 workshops per booking